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Features & Columns:
-Why We Love Kenner’s Vintage Boba Fett
-Painter’s Inspired By Vintage Toys For Artwork
-Will Hasbro Abandon Fighter Pods For Telepods?
-Let’s Talk Toys Part II: The Vintage Collector
-Let’s Talk Toys Part I: The New Collector
-Boba Fett Included In Black Series 6-inch Wave II
-Who Should Play Mirta Gev In New ‘Star Wars’ Films?
-Boba Fett Exclusives At Celebration Europe II
-Boba Fett Round-Up From San Diego Comic Con 2013
-Boba Fett Reunion During Celebration Europe II Panel
-Fans Hold Special Place For John ‘Dak’ Morton
-High-End Collectibles Found At Kings Island
-Help Fund The Filming of “Shadows of the Empire”
-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson A Boba Fett Fan
-Was The Video Game “1313” Focused On Boba Fett? Launches Character Tourney
-Four Fetts Announced For Celebration Europe II
-Temuera Morrison Talks Boba Fett Spin-Off
-Boba Fett Clone Wars Story Arc Still Coming?
-Hasbro Announces 2013 Toy Exclusives
-Jeremy Bulloch Talks Boba Fett Spin-Offs
-Boba Fett Coming To Angry Birds Star Wars?
-Who Should Play Boba Fett In Upcoming Films?
-Boba Fett Merchandise Hits Target Shelves
-Boba Fett Film Pitches, Part I
-Boba Fett Film Pitches, Part II
-Boba Fett Movie Rumors

#BringBobaBack Campaign:
-Could We See Clones On Mandalore In ‘Rebels’
-How ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Will Address EU Problem
-Will Boba Fett Be Developed Into An Anti-Hero?
-Campaign Challenge No. 1 - Use Hashtag
-Casting Call Hint At Boba Fett In Sequel Trilogy?
-‘Star Wars Rebels’ Artists Have History With Boba Fett
-Fan Concept Designs For Boba Fett
-Will ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Assign Personality To Ships?
-Campaign Launches On Facebook
-Development Starts On ‘Star Wars Rebels’
-Four Ways To Feature The Return Of Boba Fett
-Will The Prototype Armor Be In ‘Star Wars Rebels?’
-Writer Confirms Unaired Clone Wars Story Arc

Print Media & News:
-Geek Magazine Feature On Boba Fett’s Popularity
-Jeremy Bulloch’s Interview With USA Today
-AOTC 3D To Premier At Celebration Europe II
-Jeremy Bulloch’s Interview With Buffalo News
-Wired Magazine Analyzes Boba Fett, March 2013
-Star Wars Insider #136
-Star Wars Insider #138
-Star Wars Insider #139
-Star Wars Insider #140
-Star Wars Insider #143
-Entertainment Weekly’s Cast Reunion
-Future of Star Wars, Entertainment Weekly Cover
-Daniel Logan Rescues Motorists
-Logan Opens Star Wars Exhibit

Podcasts & Audio News:
-RebelForce Radio Talks To Daniel Logan At C2E2
-SWBW Reviews “Blood Ties” Vol. 1 & 2
-SWBTF Reviews “Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets”
-Jeremy Bulloch Spills All On Bombad Radio
-Smuggler’s Gambit Audio Drama Features Boba Fett
-The Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast #34

Phones & Applications:
-Angry Birds Star Wars Series II
-Boba Fett Pinball
-Boba Fett in “Battle Orders” Game
-Mandalorian Phone Case

Trading and Playing Cards:
-Dan Curto’s Boba Fett Sketch Card
-Star Wars Poker Cards
-Celebration Europe II Exclusive
-Limited Edition Card Sleeves
-Topp’s “Star Wars Galactic Files”
-Topp’s “Rise of the Bounty Hunters”

Action Figure Reviews:
-Power of the Force 2, 1995
-Escape From Kamino, 2002
-The Pit of Carkoon, 2003
-Boba Fett/Slave I Transformer, 2006
-Animated Debut, 2007
-Rise of Boba Fett, 2010
-The Clone Wars, 2010
-Prototype Armor, 2011
-Vintage Series Villain Set, 2012
-Bespin Battlepack, 2012

Other Toys & Costumes:
-Boba Fett Pullover Costume
-Bounty Hunter Telepods Set With Slave I
-Angry Birds Star Wars Power Battler
-Exclusive Boba Fett Patch With “Flying Solo”
-Jedi Force Slave I Found In Stores
-Boba Fett Merchandise Round-Up June 20
-First Look At New Slave I At Japanese Toy Fair
-Medicom’s Boba Fett BE@RBRICKS Figure
-Boba Fett Merchandise Round-Up June 30
-Disney Sarlacc Attack Toy Set
-Designer Toy Samurai Boba Fett
-Seven Inch Boba Fett Plush
-Fighter Pods Series 4 Intros Slave I
-Disney/Boba Fett Vinyl Figure
-Boba Fett’s Electronic Blaster
-Boba Fett Electronic Helmet

-Rubie’s Boba Fett Child Costume
-Star Wars Fighter Pods
-Boba Fett Launch Pad
-Boba Fett Talking Plush
-Designer Vinyl Figure By KAWS

Statues & Static Figures:
-Gentle Giant Holiday Special
-Donald Duck Boba Fett Statue
-Sideshow Live Sized Boba Fett
-Boba Fett Unleashed Figurine
-Sideshow Mythos Collection
-Epic Force Figurine

LEGO Star Wars Line:
-LEGO Boba Fett LED Keychain
-LEGO Boba Fett Watch
-LEGO Minifigure Alarm Clock

-LEGO Dessert Skiff Set

Comic Book Reviews:
-“Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin,” #8
-“Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin,” #7
-“Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin,” #5

-“Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin” #2
-Free Comic Book Day 2013
-“Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets” #4

-“Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets” #1

EU Novels & Non-Canon Books:
-The Bounty Hunter Code
-Vader’s Little Princess

Fine Arts & Craft Projects:
-Bounty Hunter Training Target
-Limited Edition Boba Fett Champion Coin
-Exclusive Star Wars Weekends Print
-Limited Edition Giclee Canvases
-Exclusive Prints At Celebration Europe II
-Boba Fett Sand Sculpture
-‘Boba’s Back’ Fan Art Illustration
-Boba Fett Stained Glass Lamp
-Boba Fett/Slave I Origami
-Celebration VI Art Show
-Parody of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks”
-Door Prize at Edmonton Comic Con
-Boba Fett/Silent Bob Mash Up
-Boba Fett/Jetsons Mash Up
-Boba Fett Stained Glass Window

Home & Office Decor:
-Star Wars Duvet and MP3 Player
-Boba Fett Featured In Coaster Set
-Official Licensed Stool, Blinds, Key Chain
-Totally Fett Up! Funko Bobble Head
-Funko POP! Vinyl Bobble Head

Holiday Items:
-Halloween Pumpkin Stencils
-Cinco de Mayo Printable Mask’s Father’s Day eCards
-Christmas Items Announced for 2014
-Boba Fett Christmas Tree Ornament
-Slave I Christmas Tree Ornament
-M&M Valentine’s Day Products

Computer Items:
-MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive

Vehicle Accessories:
-Boba Fett Custom Key Set
-Boba Fett-ish Bumper Sticker
-Star Wars Character Decals
-Boba Fett Car Wraps

Clothing and Accessories:
-Boba Fett Collector’s Watch
-Star Wars Pet Fan Collection
-Dark Side Design Contest
-Dia de Muertos Boba Fett Tank
-Boba Fett/Predator Mash Up
-Star Wars Slap Bands
-Boba Fett Child Slippers
-Boba Fett Eyewear
-Boba Fett Dog Tags
-Star Wars/Disney Lanyard Mash Up

Video Game Reviews:
-Online Hasbro Fighter Pods Game
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Inside The Panels:
-Boba Fett Interrogation in “Star Wars Tales” #7
-Boba Fett Returns in “Dark Empire” #4
-Jodo Kast Meets His Fate in “Twin Engines of Destruction”

-Connor Freeman’s Cybernetic Arm in “Boba Fett is Dead” #2

History & Nostalgia:
-1970s Kenner Star Wars Toy Commercial
-Boba Fett’s 1st Public Appearance
-Boba Fett Underoos
-1978 Mail-Away Action Figure Advertisement

For the Foodies:
-Customized Kitchen Mixer
-Pit of Carkoon Bundt Cake
-Groom’s Slave I Wedding Cake
-Bounty Hunter 16-oz Plastic Cups
-Kotobukiya Silicon Ice Tray

Boba Fett Videos and Clips:
-YouTube’s GeekWeek Speed Dating
-YouTube’s GeekWeek Music Video
-Molding of eFX Boba Fett Hero Helmet
-Robot Chicken (Desert Skiff Scene)
-Robot Chicken (Transporting Han Solo)
-Daniel Logan Performs Haka In Toronto
-Parks & Recreation’s Patton Oswalt Clip
-Boba Fett Comes On Stage At Disney
-Parks & Recreation’s Boba Fett Fan Cut
-Boba Fett Dances At Hyperspace Hoopla 2013
-Screen Grabs From Rovio’s “Boba’s Delivery”
-Nerdist Features Boba Fett In Course Of The Force
-Warwick Davis Interviews Boba Fett Performers at CE2

Photos From Star Wars Events:
-Jeremy Bulloch and Dave Prowse in Glasgow
-Nerdist Instagram’s Backstage At Video Shoot

-Jeremy Bulloch Meets Fans During Caravan Of The Force
-Fans Meet Performers On Floor Of Celebration Europe II
-The Boba Fett Panel At Celebration Europe II